Piasau Nature Reserve




Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

Project Description

The existing building (formerly Tenby International School) was converted to an Administration-Education-Research-Visitor's Centre that will showcase the Story of Piasau Nature Reserve – before and now – and what the Nature Reserve has to offer.

"Space that compliment the purpose of the building."

The development of the interpretation centre with the client, houses the visitor centre where public will find interesting information on the Rainforests, Wildlife, Flora and Fauna of Piasau Nature Reserve and its surrounding areas. Information and history of the site as Piasau Camp and conservation measures close to corporate sponsors heart will be also be showcased in the visitor centre as well.

"Showcase the Story of Piasau Nature Reserve"

Included in the new building will be conference and function rooms for seminars and lectures as well as a cafeteria. Works also included civil restoration of relevant infrastructure and major utilities like electricity, sewerage and water, which were, decommissioned or/and removed.