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Taman Negara Gunung Gading Visitor Centre




Lundu, Sarawak, Malaysia


Project Description

This project is a Visitor Centre at Taman Negara Gunung Gading. We were engaged to look at the existing centre, which consists of a Baruk building with a 2-storey vernacular wooden structure annex, which houses administrative offices and meeting rooms. We have retained and refurbished the existing Baruk building designed by Ar. Chin Kin Yu of Building Design Team around 1995.


The Baruk Building is a beautifully designed wooden structure that is naturally a landmark of the park and has been preserved as an interpretive centre. We had to demolish the existing annex building as it was not structurally designed to cater to the large numbers of visitors required in the brief. Existing wooden structures removed from old buildings are recycled for restoration of boardwalks and more in the park.


The site is challenging and very compact. It is an island site with a service route around it and sloping with two different levels. We created a new annex building with 2 levels and a main staircase connecting the two. The new annex is designed ‘low-key‘ with a single pitch roof to pay homage to the existing Baruk. It is highly functional and easy to manage and maintain.

"Engaged to look at the existing Baruk building."

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