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Type         : Public

Client       : Sarawak Forest Department

Location  : Kuching Wetland National Park, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Status       : Tender


With JKR as the implementing client and Forest Department Sarawak as the client, we were commission to refine and finalise the overall design and to fast track the project for tender in an initial 3 months’ timeline.


The project is to create an Educational as well as Research and Development hub for Crocodylus Porosus crocodile species which is indigenous to Sarawak.


Situated on a RAMSAR Wetland site, the masterplan for the crocodile sanctuary consisting of a main open-air covered complex consisting of Exhibition Area, an Amphitheatre, Seminar Room which can be open up as an open air Event Space, Dining Area as well as catering amenities, Toilets and Suraus. It also has the main administrative offices and a research lab within the complex. There are supporting facilities comprising of Food preparation Lab, Hatchery, and quarantine enclosures, boat house, guard house and staff quarters. Various trails are routed within the complex as well as around the sanctuary as part of the educational tour. The elevated walkway takes you around the sanctuary where you can watch and learn at a safe distance how wild crocodile live in its natural habitat.

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