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Internship at Atelier Timur Sdn Bhd

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

What does it feels like doing internship training in this company? That was my first question before entering this office. As a second-year architecture student, I want my industrial training to be full of wisdom and gain as much as I can for my benefit.

Along the journey, I learned so much from office works, management including site visit. Furthermore, I learned to improve my communication skill and my work ethic. They helped, guide and taught me things that I need to know such as construction drawings, structures, materials and even their design philosophy.

“I love the environment and people here. The 'knowledge' is everywhere, it's depend on you to grab it and learn more”

So, for you who are looking for an opportunity to do your training, why not at Atelier Timur Sdn Bhd? Hope this writing can help you visualize my experience. Now it's your turn to experience it !

Written by Alexander Banta, 2021



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