Our practice runs on the line of the intention of establishing design work which is innovative, responsive to place, landscape and climate, and rooted in a respect for materials and a fascination with the mechanics of construction. We are here to design buildings and spaces using a balance of both creativity and practicality through multiple emphasis of critical analysis and design solutions.

Currently, we are a young and progressive practice with the commitment to the idea that a successful building is one which responds thoughtfully and gracefully to our clients’s need and to local conditions; and which is built on time and within the range of the cost. We achieve these aims by transferring our accumulated experiences from project to project from both abroad and within Malaysia. We are involved with a wide range of projects from renovations and extensions to urban and master planning.

People - our clients, end-users and our team - are the structure of our design process within our projects. We listen, respond and harness to all those we work with especially our clients and end-users to achieve success in what we do. We are aware that good designs arises from great teamwork, not just with our clients but also within our team.

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