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Type         : Recreational

Location  : Bau, Sarawak, Malaysia

Status       : Ongoing




The project consists of two (2) existing sites:

Wind Cave Nature Reserve and Fairy Cave Nature Reserve.

The main brief was to upgrade and improve the facilities of the existing sites to ensure that the site were visitor friendly. The design and materials used in both sites carefully considered with sustainability and ease of maintenance in mind. As these are Nature Reserves, showcasing the natural beauty of the sites and its surroundings was one of the primary objectives.

Wind Cave Nature Reserve


This site is where the Park Management for both Wind and Fairy Cave will hold office; once the construction is completed. The project consist of:


Wind Cave Site 1

A New Customer Service Centre, elevated on stilts due to the high flood level in the area with open platform to enhance visitors’ experience. Stepping on a delicate site lightly, the facilities included are food kiosk, mini park-shop, public toilets, Surau, Open covered gallery, Park Warden office and associated facilities and open areas for briefing in small groups with creation of an tiered platform which is part disabled ramp cum amphitheater.

Stand-alone exhibits kiosk are planned all around the platform and the surroundings to create an immersive and informative experience. Working with the client to showcase their research and development on Glulam timber and sustainable timber species; these materials are included in the design of the building.

Existing cave trails are repaired, the cave entrance improved and ramped for people on wheelchairs to have access to part of the cave entrance area. The cave trails are not wheelchair friendly at present due to its undulating terrain.


Wind Cave Site 2

This site has a new elevated and ramped public toilet and new BBQ pits will be constructed for the convenience of public, as it is a popular site for picnic by the river.

Fairy Cave Nature Reserve

We strived to create a visually attractive landmark to encourage visitors to climb the existing multi stories tower to visit the Fairy cave; which is access through an opening along the cliff face some 30m above the road level.


The project consist of:

Customer Service Centre Cum Access Tower to Fairy Cave

Upgrading of the existing access tower with the creation of new viewing tower at it’s apex, the existing ticketing office will be refurbished and relocated, an improve open platform for information display and exhibits to be created and new toilets designed. The facilities are to improve the visitor’s experience on site.


Cave Trails

Existing railings, wooden bridge, stairs and concrete steps inside the Fairy Cave will be improved and upgraded to provide a safer facility for the park visitors. Information display around the cave will be included to provide as part of the education and interpretation display to improve visitor’s experience of this beautiful site.


Summit Trail

An existing trail going to the summit of the Fairy Cave will be made more accessible with new structure, climbing aids, better pathways and platforms to enhance visitors trail walk to the summit.

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